We are thrilled to announce that we are looking for one other author. We'd love to sign more, but we'd like to spend a lot of time and energy on this new member of our group. That means it's one at once, folks!

Crowvus is run by four authors, who all have different interests and favourite genres. 


How are we going to choose someone?

All four Crowvus authors are going to be on the XpoNorth Twitter pitch, looking for authors and WIPs that stand out to them. However, they will all be looking for something slightly different. If one of the team contacts you, take a look through this page to see what we're able to offer. If you're still interested in submitting your manuscript, then we will need:

  • A 1000 (max) word synopsis of your book

  • The first three chapters (or 10,000 words if your book isn't in chapters)

  • You may be asked for other evidence too. For example, Judith is quite keen on character portrayal, so she might ask for an extract that shows strong character design.

If you send these attachments to, the four members of the Crowvus team will then get together and discuss which book would be the best fit for Crowvus. We aim to contact you within 6 weeks on the XpoNorth Twitter Pitch. This would mean you would hear from us by 21st February 2020.

Why opt for us?

There are several publishing houses out there, so why should you opt for us?

  1. We take great pride in every book we publish, and we'll work tirelessly to ensure we're putting out the best quality possible

  2. We will work with you to create and implement a marketing plan designed for your unique book.

  3. We know the importance of the author having a say in book decisions, so we'll accommodate this where possible.

  4. You will be the only new author we sign in 2020, so your book will get heaps of attention and love!

  5. The Crowvus team are all authors, so we understand the strains and pressures you're under!

  6. We're really friendly!


Will I need to pay anything towards publishing?

Absolutely not! Never ever sign your work away to a publisher who demands payment. We are an independent publisher, not a vanity publisher. We are incredibly discerning about the books we publish, as we have to be!

Of course, you may wish to purchase extra marketing through other websites. That's your right. However, we will market your book, and have a marketing budget put aside for this.

Will I get an advance?

Unfortunately, we won't be able to give an advance. We would much rather use our budget to promote the heck out of your book.

This does mean you will get a handsome percentage of royalties from sales, as there will be no advance to repay.

What can I expect from you as my publisher?

We will work with you every step of the way. This will start with a thorough edit of your manuscript, which will probably involve long discussions about characters and plot development. Don't worry - this is normal! Then there will be smaller edits, proofreading and copyediting.

All this time, we will be putting together a thorough marketing plan for your book, and perhaps some resources if it is children's book that would suit schools.

Then comes the book design, including the cover (yes, you will have a say in this).

After that (and, in fact, throughout the whole process) we'll be promoting and advertising tirelessly to ensure your book launches with a bang!

We'll always be an email, or a phone call, away. If there's anything that you're worried about, or which is niggling you, then don't panic! We're always happy to talk it through.

What rights will I have to my book?

Well, this is really a matter for discussion. Crowvus would have the publishing rights, but audiobook publishing and movie rights are not something we're dealing with right now. We would discuss this matter further before you sign a contract, as it depends largely on your priorities as an author.

When can I expect my book to be published?

This depends mostly on how much editing your book needs! It will most likely be published in 2021, although exact dates will have to be discussed with you.

We are already putting together our catalogue for 2021, and we have confirmed four books already for that year. You could be our fifth!

What sort of thing are you looking for?

Well, take a look at the books we've published so far. That's probably your best guide. We have published a range of genres, from children's picture books to memoirs. Our main stipulation is that it is good quality literature, and an enjoyable read!

It would also help if you have an established author platform, either on Social Media or through a mailing list.

As well as all of this, we're looking for a friendly individual who will be fun to work with, and (importantly) won't mind us organising events where you'll have to talk in front of readers! :)

Good luck! We look forward to reading your breathtaking writing!

If you have any more questions, then please contact us by emailing or using the Contact form on this website.

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