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Piapiac - Proofreading

The final, crucial stage for your manuscript
Nothing ruins a perfect storey like typos. There not always easy to pick up in you're own work, and need the sharp eagle eyes of a professional or too.

If you have any questions or are interested in our service, please get in touch via our contact form or on our email at

£25 per hour
Black Binoculars

Yes, we've seen all five of the mistakes above in manuscripts. It's so easy to overlook these little slips when you're being swept along in a story you know so well. But your readers' enjoyment will be hampered by these slips. Some may find them so disruptive they can't finish the book.


Our proofreaders are the perfect balance of pedantic and thorough. What's more, every manuscript we receive will be double-checked by a second proofreader. You and your readers want your words to be as perfect as your story. We want that too!

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