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Susan grew up in the Isle of Axholme where her happy, rural childhood inspired her to write a series of blogs called Child of the Isle, reminiscing about these times.

In March 1986, Susan moved with her young family to Orkney, off the North coast of Scotland. It was here that she started entering writing competitions, inspired as so many before her, by the area and the depth of history surrounding it.

Some years later, Susan went back to North Lincolnshire where she continued to write poetry and stories when she had the time. But the North of Scotland was too much to resist, however, and Susan now lives in Caithness. She published her first book with Crowvus in October 2018.

Susan's book Child of the Earth was released in March 2020, and has received critical acclaim, including being listed as a finalist in the IAN Book of the Year Award and the Wishing Shelf Book Award.

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