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The Crowvus Journal

Our Purpose

It has long been our hope to establish a platform for creative individuals to share their amazing creations. Hooded has now arrived to do exactly that!
We would like to see, read, admire, and be immersed in your words and images. We're delighted to give this opportunity to emerging and established creatives alike, and together share in the delivery of your work to our audience.

What we want

We are open to all forms of fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction and visual art. We aim to create a 100 page journal to take our readers on a journey. We don't know what journey, that's up to you as creatives! Check the theme for each issue and submit your pieces in time for our deadlines.
All our terms and conditions, dates and ambitions are listed below. We can't wait to see your work!
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Hooded Issue 3 Front.jpg
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Looking Ahead

Hooded is an eJournal, for sale via the Crowvus website for £5

Hooded will consist of c.100 pages.

Paperback copies are available through Amazon.


Now the nitty-gritty...

Issue Six

The theme for our sixth issue is Positivity. You can decide how this relates to your work, but we should be able to find the theme within it.

We are currently unable to offer financial payment. This is something we hope will change shortly. All writers and artists who have been included in the journal will receive a free digital or paper copy.

All authors, poets, artists and writers keep the copyright for their work, although Crowvus will have for exclusive worldwide publishing rights for six months from Hooded's release date.

Please don't submit previously published work. If you'd like to submit work you have published on your own website or blog, that's fine, but we ask that you remove it from all sites for the first six months of Hooded's release.

What our editors say goes! We can't offer feedback and we won't be bribed into publishing work, even for cake!

We will accept all genres and styles, but it is worth noting that the submissions which speak to our editors will be the ones which are accepted. Or editors are our in-house authors, so please familiarise yourself with the sort of things they are interested in either by reading their books or flicking through their social media profiles - or both!
How to Submit

All submissions should be made as emails to
This is an unmanned inbox, but you will receive an automatic acknowledgement for your entry. If you don't, please send us a message using our contact form.

We like .pdf .doc or .docx files for writing and .jpeg or .png for artwork. We're happy to accept hybrid works and these can be submitted in any of the above formats. If you are struggling with this, do not despair! Drop us an email and we'll try and find a format which will work for you and us.

Hooded will be published twice a year, in March and September. Our calendar for the journal is as follows:
October-January  open for submissions
February  reading month - contact all applicants
March  Hooded published
April-July  open for submissions
August  reading month - contact all applicants
September  Hooded published
We will not be reading/viewing any submissions until the reading months.

There is no line limit for poetry or word count for prose, but please don't send us novels! Chapters or excerpts from unpublished longer works are fine as long as they work as self-contained pieces. We want all submissions to be readable, evocative and immersive, so take as many or few words as you need to achieve this.

Please do not send more than 2 pieces per issue. These can be two submissions of the same format or two different formats.

Most of all, we want to be transported on the journey!
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