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Graveyard Photography Competition

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To varying degrees, the Crowvus team all love a good graveyard. Whether it’s the stories which abound among the stones or the sense of calmness which touches your soul as you walk among these streets of those who came before…

When we took a trip around the Highlands, we kept stopping at different graveyards. Naturally, pictures were taken and that led to a conversation about how there should be more competitions for graveyard photography.

So, here we are, with the return of our photography competition: and it’s dedicated to graveyard snaps!

The winning entry will receive £50 and their photograph will also appear on the back cover of our annual ghost story anthology (the winner will also receive one complimentary copy of the book). Entry fee is only £1 and, while we’d love to cover the costs and receive 50 entries, we’re really just looking forward to seeing your photos.

Black and white… full colour… nature… memento mori… the theme and style is completely up to you. You should have full permission from any person who appears on the picture though, or from their parent/guardian if they are under 18.

For details of how to enter and the full T&Cs, check here.


We're sharing a few of our pictures to get you started...

Last Year's Winner:


Cathedral Churchyard at Night
by Carole Tyrrell

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