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Photography Competition
Terms and Conditions

  1. The entry fee is £1 per photograph

  2. Please pay for the entry via our shop, then submit by email quoting the Order Number. If you have any queries or problems, please contact

  3. There is no limit to the number of entries. Please select the number of photos you would like to enter and adjust your shopping cart accordingly.

  4. Competition deadline: 31st October - Hallowe'en - (the very last second of the month!)

  5. The winner will be notified by Friday 18th November 2023

  6. Pictures must be submitted by the photographer or their parent/guardian

  7. Your covering email should include all details you feel are relevant to your submission, including the title of your picture (see Rule 8). If you are the successful photographer, we will be in touch to ask for a short bio and story behind the picture.

  8. Please give your picture a title. This can be as imaginative or simple as you like, it is just to help us! It should not include your name.

  9. All entries are judged anonymously and should be .png or .jpg, attachments. When submitting please make sure your picture is no more than 2,000 pixels on the longest side (you don't need fancy software, you can do this on the Paint programme). Should you win the competition, we'll get in touch requesting the full-size photograph.

  10. Photographs may have received basic adjustments and enhancements, but cannot feature any form of computer layering or stitching of different images (excluding panoramic photography which is allowed).

  11. Please submit your entry to Do not use the online form. You will receive an automatic response to let you know it's reached us safely. Note: this is an unmanned email

  12. Make sure you make some reference to the Photography Competition in the subject line, so we know you're entering this competition.

  13. We welcome photographs from everyone. Crowvus knows we are all equal! This means there is no age limit, or restriction on location, or restriction on anything else!

  14. While copyright remains with the photographer, Crowvus reserves the right to publish and sell the anthology at no extra cost. Crowvus will keep all profit from the sale of the anthology.

  15. Permission must be obtained from anyone appearing in the photographs, and the parent or guardian of any child. Entry into this competition assumes that the photographer has obtained this permission. In the instance of a child appearing in the winning photograph, we will ask for written permission from the parent or guardian to use this image.

  16. The decision of the judging panel is final

  17. Crowvus will not enter into disputes with third parties

  18. There will be one winner selected, and the prizes will be £50. This will be paid via PayPal or cheque if the winner is in the UK, or PayPal if the winner is from any other country.

  19. The winner will also receive one free copy of the anthology

  20. By entering the competition, you agree to ALL the terms and conditions.


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