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Piapiac - Copy Editing

A keen eye to steady your pen (or typing!)
We know what it is to get carried away when you're writing. You are, after all, your own alpha-reader and you want to create a story which envelops yourself as well as your wider audience. But we also know this can come at the cost of accuracy in continuity and grammar. We've read so many books, from debut and established authors alike, which have had these little slips.

So, if your manuscript is at the point where you would like to submit it to an agent or a publisher, it could be time to think about a professional edit. Whether it's the first 5,000 words, three chapters, or even more, our editors are happy to check and tighten your work, and always ensure your story and writing style maintain their integrity and personality.

If you have any questions or are interested in our service, please get in touch via our contact form or on our email at

£30 per hour
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