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Weekly Scribe

Social Media is a great tool for every writer. As authors, we know this, so we're creating the opportunity of a #RotationCuration Twitter account for writers.

Below you'll find all the boring Ts & Cs, but if you'd like to curate the account just get in touch with us! You can do this either on our CONTACT form, by email, or on our Twitter account.

Every person who takes a turn of curating our account will have their profile listed for posterity on our blog, so Crowvus fans will always be able to find and link in with you and your books!


How it works:

The @WeeklyScribe Twitter account is curated by a different person every week.


You are eligible to be a curator as long as:

You're a writer with your own Twitter account

You can make sure you tweet throughout the week - we aim to make sure there is (at least) one tweet on there every day!

The handover time and date for this account is Sunday at approximately 5pm, but we won't be counting the minutes!

We are provisionally aiming to have no repeat curations. If you have a book coming out soon, this could be a good time to hold the curation.

Remember! The Twitter rules apply to you while you are managing the account. In addition to this, we expect our curators to be tolerant and any form of abusive behaviour from our curators will mean you are removed from the account.


We know there are certain topics you may not wish to engage with, however if you chose to mute anything while you are in charge of the account, you must unmute it at the end of you curatorship.

If you have any concerns during your tenure, let us know and we'll get it sorted!

When you're curating:

First of all, tweak the Twitter biography and picture. Please keep the first, third and fourth lines the same, but add your own details to line two. Here's an example:

#RotationCuration for authors!
Current curator: @DaysDyingGlory author of #HistFic and adventure!
#WritingCommunity #AuthorsOfTwitter #AmWriting
(hosted by @CrowvusLit)

Then you can change the profile picture (and the cover picture if you'd like!). This can be of you or your book.

But... Please don't update or change the website link. Although, feel free to pin a post to your own website! Also, do not change the Twitter handle, it must remain @WeeklyScribe, and don't change the password. If the account is compromised, we will change the password, you do not need to!

Engage your readers! Pictures and polls are always good. Feel free to ask questions, too, and make sure you reply to people who engage with your posts.

We are also happy to host a guest post on the Crowvus Book Blog during the week of your curation. This will be posted on Friday of your week so please get it to us no later than midday (GMT/BST) on Thursday so our team can get it up on time.

You can tweet on any aspect of your writing or writer's life, and we welcome authors of EVERY genre. However, please bear in mind that this account will be seen by a broad range of readers so, if you are advertising a book which contains sensitive content, please provide a trigger warning in your tweet.

During the week, find the next curator, and hand the baton on!

Enjoy your time in charge!

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