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Day's Dying Glory

Day's Dying Glory

SKU: 1985

The debut novel from Virginia Crow, and our debut novel too.  Share the adventures of three sisters living in Highland Scotland during the Napoleonic Wars.

          "It is a very good read, with a very unpredictable and gripping story line."

                                               ~ from a review of Day's Dying Glory


Aside from living together in a comfortable home in the Scottish Grampians, Major Tenterchilt’s three daughters seem to have little in common.
Influenced by her mother, Arabella aspires to be a wife and a lady, Imogen wishes to teach, while Cat always endeavours to be the son her father never had. The Major’s sole stipulation is that they marry military officers.
As the girls’ idyllic existence falls apart around them, they must overcome tragedies and challenges to find their place in a world where betrayal and secrets threaten everything they hold dear, and where no one is quite who they seem.

Day’s Dying Glory is a story of how sisterly love can overcome anything, and a thrilling coming of age novel set during the Napoleonic Wars.


About the Author

Virginia Crow was born in North Lincolnshire and grew up in Orkney. She uses these experiences, and her knowledge of growing up in a strong family, to influence her writing. Having attended the University of Hull for her Theology degree and PGCE in R.E., Virginia includes a strong moral undercurrent in all her stories.


About the Publisher

Crowvus is a small publishing company that aims to brighten the world with literature.


(ISBN: 978-0-9957860-0-4)

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