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Young Adult Fantasy

Kelli’s secret passion is folk music. While her friends are more interested in whatever is popular on Youtube or TV, she prefers to listen to the folk classics.

After a stranger visits Kelli, she finds herself transported to a world where all folk songs come true. Disorientated and confused, she finds friends in the most unlikely of places. But when she realises her friend’s dreadful fate is already sealed in a song, she must do everything she can to change it.

But how easy is it to change someone’s fate? Can she change it before it’s too late?

October 2020

Real Paranormal

Title tbc.

In May, we launch our annual Ghost Story Competition, and we thought it would be a great idea to collect all of our real experiences with ghosts.

From growing up in a haunted house, to spectral soldiers in the middle of the night, "Those Experiences" will have you questioning your own beliefs of the paranormal.

May 2020

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