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"Go out and tell all those you meet, Caledon has risen. Caledon will be protected and defended. And to you who would cause her harm, be prepared.  A new fight has come."


After the destruction of the Jacobite forces at Culloden, Scotland is divided, vulnerable and leaderless, with survivors from both sides seeking to make sense of the battles they have fought against their fellow Scots. 


James Og flees Drumossie, seeking the protection of his uncle's house in Sutherland.  It is here that James learns that the Northern Highlands hold a secret power only he can wield: Caledon.  When Ensign John Mackay begins hunting Og's family, James realises he must harness this power to defeat the enemies of Scotland.


But, as the ageless Caledon awakes, so too does an ancient evil.  When it allies with Mackay, the small Clan of Caledon faces enemies at every turn, discovering that even those closest to them may seek to destroy them.

Historical Fantasy
Nature Writing

For anybody who's read Child of the Isle, our bestselling memoir of Susan's childhood in rural Lincolnshire, the news that Susan Crow is publishing a nature writing book will not come as a surprise.

Throughout Susan's whole like, the natural world has been a source of life, concern and inspiration. Whether that is the arable fields of North Lincolnshire, the majestic sea stacks of Caithness, or the weathered jewel of Orkney, nature is a force to be respected and loved.

13th April 2020

Real Paranormal

Title tbc.

In May, we launch our annual Ghost Story Competition, and we thought it would be a great idea to collect all of our real experiences with ghosts.

From growing up in a haunted house, to spectral soldiers in the middle of the night, "Those Experiences" will have you questioning your own beliefs of the paranormal.

May 2020

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