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Unicorns Rule

Unicorns Rule

Mindheim is ruled by whatever children love best but when the queen of the unicorns is locked away by the elf queen, all goodness threatens to leave Mindheim...and our world! The only hope is a human child.

Sarah is confused when she wakes up in the middle of the night to find a young elf and two gnomes asking for help. “You want an adult for that,” she tells them, but the world can only be saved by a child, and only one who believes in unicorns.

But the elf queen’s cruelty and need for power is too strong, and Sarah cannot save Mindheim on her own. Will she be able to save the worlds with the help of her new friends? Can she bring the goodness back to everyone?

And, in a world made of dreams, where do the nightmares go?

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