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Hooded: New Life (Issue Three)

Hooded: New Life (Issue Three)

With an issue of our journal coming out in spring, the theme of new life was a must!


We were delighted to have such varied submissions on this theme, exploring fresh starts and new arrivals, some with excitement, others with trepidation. But each one of these stories, poems, and visual artworks has captured the thrill of life and living, even at its most vulnerable point.


Thank you for sharing in this third issue of Hooded.

the Crowvus team



Pansies - Erin Jamieson

Conversations in an Orchard Cemetery - Julie Dron

Second Chance - Brenda Lawrence

Full Steam Ahead - E A Carey

A Damsel in Distress - S.Bee

could tell a thousand lies - Linda M. Crate

inconvenient - Linda M. Crate

Gifted Child - Allan Miller

Out of Hibernation - Erin Jamieson

Excerpt from Poisoned Pilgrimage - Virginia Crow

Frosted Beauty & Spring - E A Carey

The Well at the World’s End - Greg Michaelson

Three Robins - S.Bee

Seal Song - Brenda Lawrence

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