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Hooded: Hidden

Hooded: Hidden

On these pages you will find struggle and heartbreak, as well as determination and hope. Our theme of Hidden has been interpreted by each one of these artists in very different ways, some physical, some emotional, some spiritual. And that is what we love so much about our journal – and we’re sure you will too!



All Fall Down Greg Michaelson

What they may not have told you is this: Beth McDonough

Ariadne’s Thread Gerry Stewart

Shadow Doll Karen McDonald

phoenixes know no end Linda M. Crate

nothing more than a dream Linda M. Crate

artwork @fantabulous242

We Begin Again Oisin Breen

The Holy Broth of Truth’s Bones Oisin Breen

Sanctuary Kevin Crowe

To Walk in Her Shadow Gerry Stewart

The Loving Spoonful Susan Crow

Endless Mystery Judith Crow

Going Underground Tim Newton Anderson

The Suchlike Michael Igoe

Human. Nature. Mountain Karen McDonald

Message in a Bottle Beth McDonough

Palimpsest Michael Hutchinson

Lucky Michael Igoe

Of All the Pleasant Sights They See Virginia Crow

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