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Hooded: Bounty

Hooded: Bounty

We loved how multifaceted the theme of Bounty is. In fact, that’s why we chose it. Despite this, we were still surprised to see the number of different ways in which writers interpreted it.

So here are eleven beautifully unique pieces of writing, challenging our ideas of bounty and providing food for thought as the harvest is gathered. The reaper emerges in these pages, his eye always set on the conclusion of his labours, and assessing morals and wealth at every step.

Thank you for sharing in this issue of Hooded.
the Crowvus team


Henry David Thoreau: 'Live in Each Season…' - Elizabeth Carey

Singsong - Michael Igoe

The Last Pap - David McVey

Not quite Tracey Emin - Caroline Johnstone

An Ethical, Emotional Dilemma - Callum McGee

One Bad Apple - Michael Igoe

In the Cargo Bay - Greg Michaelson    

Oceans in Motion - Caroline Johnstone

Earth’s Bounty - Elizabeth Carey

Autumnal - Judith Crow

The Break-In - Kevin Crowe

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