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Child of the Earth eBook

Child of the Earth eBook

Here is a nest egg of memories and anecdotes teased from a life uplifted by an appreciation of the natural world.
Memories of childhood in rural England, raising a family in Orkney and Lincolnshire, and retirement in Northern Scotland are threaded together into a broad tapestry of the natural year. These experiences meet with a view of Earth's uncertain future to illustrate the necessity for respect of all lifeforms and shares a passion for the wellbeing of this planet with all generations.
Child of the Earth is a source of inspiration and delight - a literary garland of hope.


Child of the Earth is a journey through the year looking at the author's personal experiences with the natural world. It incorporates several short narrative nonfiction passages, and a couple of short stories too. It takes these experiences as the backdrop for looking forward to the next - rather uncertain - chapter in our planet's life

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