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Crowvus ROOKS

Yes, we really wanted an acronym for Rooks!

Readying Others in Opportunities, Knowledge and Self-Confidence

Our Purpose

We, at Crowvus, love Caithness. It's our home and the base of our publishing business.
Caithness has areas of high deprivation, some of which are in the top 5% of the whole of Scotland. Crowvus ROOKS has been set up to help people out of the poverty net by support adults and children to develop their literacy.

Who We Are

Quite simply, we're the Crowvus team! However, we welcome anybody with an interest in literacy development in Caithness to join our management committee for Crowvus ROOKS. The management committee have equal responsibilities, with a chairperson and minutes secretary being decided before each meeting, and the only elected office bearer will be the treasurer.

Crowvus ROOKS has been set up as a social enterprise so that all of the profits from Crowvus ROOKS go towards literacy development in Caithness.
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