Book Week Scotland 2016

It's the final day of Book Week Scotland 2016, but we've loved sharing our writings with you.  Our final offering is a piece of creative nonfiction, a reminiscence of childhood in a lost landscape.

In the Beginning...

Studcross Cottage was home.  It stood on an earth lane - dry and dusty in the heat, squelching and muddy in the wet, and rock hard in the bitter winter.  There were coal fires.  The bedroom ones were never lit and the one in the best room was only lit on rare occasions but the living room fire was always welcoming.  It was also the kitchen and the dining room and the entrance and had a door which opened onto the stairs.

When Mike and I lifted up the linoleum we could watch worms wriggling between the clay floor tiles underneath.  My bedroom was quite separate and was built above the wash house which had once been a barn.  The two tiny windows were opposite one another and rattled ominously in the wind.  When it was extremely cold I was moved in to share with Michael.