Book Week Scotland 2016

It's a poem again today but from a different poet.  This poem is inspired by a love of the sea and how it shapes the communities that live by it.

The Fishwife's Lullaby

Father’s boat will soon be mooring.
You shall see him in the morning
When tide returns him home.


Time for thoughts and dreams of glory.
Time to drift to realms of story
Where gallant deeds are done.


Do not heed the wind’s load roaring    
Nor the shrieks of gulls that, soaring
On night’s wings, fill the air.


Have no fear, though breaking waves crash,
And the snarling, heaving, sprays lash
Against the harbour walls.


Noises poison minds at midnight,
Things we see without our eyesight
Lay traps and catch us there.


Father’s boat will soon be mooring.
We shall see him in the morning.
Pray tide returns him home.