Christmas Ghost Story Competition

2020 Results

2020 has been an interesting year so far! It’s difficult to imagine now what life was like before Covid-19; Brexit looms large; the US elections are drawing to a close. The only certainty is that nothing is certain... or, almost nothing.

One thing we at Crowvus are absolutely certain about is that there are some incredible writers out there. We know, because we have been honoured to read your short stories. The ability to tell a story, combined with the craftsmanship of writing, has been abundant in this year’s competition. We had a record number of entries, and the judging process, therefore, has never been more difficult.


The other thing we’re 100% sure about is that our upcoming anthology, A Ghost For Christmas, is an incredible mix of the world’s finest ghost stories. We’re exceptionally proud to be putting out a book containing the stories which are listed below – we know you’ll love them!

Roll those drums – here they are:

Winning Adult Entry (appearing in "A Ghost For Christmas")


Archie by Teresa Bassett

Winning 11-16's Entry (appearing in "A Ghost For Christmas")

A Living Nightmare by Eleanor Harvey

Winning Under 11s Entry (appearing in "A Ghost For Christmas")

The Ghost of Christmas by Isla Burns

2nd place (Adult) (appearing in "A Ghost For Christmas")

The Man from No Man’s Land by John Pritchard

3rd place (Adult) (appearing in "A Ghost For Christmas")

The Great Unknown by Craig Aitchison

Shortlisted Adult Entries (appearing in "A Ghost For Christmas") – listed alphabetically

Ghost in the Machine by Peter Collins

Miss Corrie’s Children by Karen McDonald

Salt Dough Stars by Lorraine Thomson

Seven-Thirty at the Abbey by Sue Roberts

The Abbey by Eoin Gough

The Message by  I.M. Merckel

The Upper Room by Rieve Atkinson

Honourable Mention (Under 16s - appearing in "A Ghost For Christmas")

A Better Place by Estrella Burgess

We’d also like to give a shout-out to the following stories, which only missed out by a whisker:

Longlisted Entries – listed alphabetically:

Absence by Barbara Featherstone

Captain Gardiner by Cristobel Mas

Cry in the Night by Rob Nisbet

Devil’s Trill by Natalie McMahon

Garghan House by Peter Hankins

Into the Light by Maggie Richell-Davies

Pitch 11 by Rieve Atkinson

Sorrow by Suzanne Parsons

The Broon Bogle of Glasnaboglach by David Wilson

Waiting for Christmas by Anne Wilson

Thank you so much to every single writer who entered our 2020 competition!

We feel privileged to have been able to share in your craft.

Keep Writing! ​